Buyer Qualification
     Buyer Financing
     Ethics - Experience
About Us 
We are dedicated to providing professional and confidential services to business owners and business buyers. We are certified by the Broker Service Network and supported by an extensive network of experienced service providers and experts to meet your needs supported by experienced .

Our Services...

  1. Listing and selling businesses in a confidential manner.
  2. Qualifying buyers and finding them businesses for sale
  3. Financing existing businesses and buyers
  4. Professional third party valuation services.  
  5. Franchise sales

Privacy and confidentiality is priority #1.  

Why use us to sell your business?
Confidentiality and Privacy. Our procedures are proven! We sell existing businesses under strict non-disclosure and privacy agreements designed to keep the sale strictly confidential to the qualified buyers. And we only bring qualified buyers to you!

Why use us to buy a business?
Again the Confidentiality and Privacy. We can show you existing businesses AND we can actively find new businesses for sale that match your needs. Furthermore, we have the ability to finance you and get the deal done quicker.

All buyers sign non-disclosures before learning anything about a business. We will not disclose a business before, during and after the sale
Financing The Buyer
We have over 40 lenders in our network to get buyers financed and get the deal closed. Our lenders want to say YES
Qualified Buyers
All buyers are qualified by financial capability and experience and credit should financing be needed. When our broker brings you a buyer, he/she has the ability to follow through
Professionalism and Experience
We have completed the BSN Certification and training classes. We are supported by our corporate support mechanisms and we are active in your local community 
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